Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When Tragedy Strikes

Japan just suffered a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, followed by a giant tsunami, which together unexpectedly took over 10,000 lives and displaced many more. As if that isn’t horrific enough, damaged nuclear reactors are exploding and releasing radiation.

Is there anyone on the planet who does not feel the impact of the devastation?

Like so many others, I watch the news in shock and feel that my contribution to foreign aid or prayers for victims and their families cannot begin to make a difference. Yet I know that our collective concern for the plight of the Japanese is what can turn things around. We cannot un-do the damage but we can unite in spirit and give our support.

Because the truth is, none of us is immune to tragedy, whether on a personal or global level. And knowing that others care can help us to make the effort to pull through.