Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Bigger Picture - Our Playing Field

I’m stair-climbing to prepare for a Fall trip to Italy, where I’ll visit “hill top towns” in the north (as well as the cities of Venice, Florence and Rome).

Mostly I go up and down the bleacher stairs at my local track and field. For anyone who's counting (like ME), I'm currently at 250 steps per day.

When I catch my breath at the top of the bleachers, I look out over the playing field at the treetops and endless blue horizon. There is a sense of spaciousness; a glimpse of infinity.

What if we could look at the “playing field” of our lives from a higher perspective? What would we see? Our past mistakes or misfortunes may have only been stepping stones to a different path. Where did they lead us?

My divorce many years ago led to a life of more freedom, giving me time and energy to coach others, deliver motivational workshops and write stories and articles. Instead of seeing it as a “failed relationship,” I know that my ex and I enjoyed what we had but simply came to the end of our road together.

Similarly, I could have perceived my mother’s debilitating illness as a “misfortune,” but it convinced me to quit my corporate job early and take care of her. The strength of our growing connection opened the floodgates of my heart, allowing me to feel great depths of compassion, overwhelming grief and intense joy.

I find there are fewer “mistakes” when we listen to the urgings of that small voice within… the voice that sometimes tells us to make a choice that isn’t logical or comfortable.

Looking at the larger picture of your life, where did events or your decisions lead you? What did you learn or gain that may not have looked like much from the outside, but SOMEHOW satisfied your soul?