Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Candles in the Night

About 150 Montrealers met downtown last night at Place des Festivals to hold a candlelight vigil for Grand Elder Raymond Robinson, who is on a spiritual fast, refusing both food and water for over five days.

He will fast until our Federal Government agrees to meet with Canada’s First Nations to resolve the current impasse. Hundreds of years ago, treaties were signed to protect certain lands and waters for the aboriginal peoples. First Nations are being asked, according to Grand Elder Robinson, “to give up our waters, our lands, our resources and even our inherent aboriginal treaty rights.”

Many believe that the reason for this is potential corporate profits, especially for oil companies prepared to lay pipeline on reservation land.

Montreal was one of many communities across the country and in other parts of the world to hold a candlelight vigil for Grand Elder Robinson and demonstrate concern over what is at stake for our aboriginal peoples. We drummed, sang Indian songs, and joined hands to dance to the drum’s beat in a circle. We also released our heart-felt prayers for Robinson's safety and well-being and for a positive outcome.

Similar injustices are occurring everywhere on this planet. The corruption of those in power is becoming more apparent and people are in revolt.

While our demonstrations of support may not bring immediate change, they connect us with our spirit and we begin to dream of a different world. A world of peace and harmony, where human rights and the natural environment are respected.

Our “dreaming” of a new world makes all the difference – for everything begins with a dream.