Saturday, May 14, 2011

Starting Over

Spring has arrived a month late in Montreal. A soft greening extends as far as the eye can see as leaves unfurl on trees and bushes and stretch towards the sun. During this time I find myself in the midst of home renovations which solidify as well as beautify the place where I live.

It’s been weeks since I immersed myself in storylines, letting characters speak through me of their wants and tribulations. I miss the magic of creating worlds.

My only consolation is knowing that this, too, shall pass and I will once again be free to focus on my work.

The publishing industry is going through changes of its own as bookstores stock fewer and fewer books or shut down altogether while hand-held devices and electronic books become more and more popular. I don’t know how this will affect author earnings and rights. All I can do is write what I care about and offer an entertaining read.

As a cycle of growth and renewal takes over the land, I hear the calling of birds and the rustling of my own novelist wings, eager to start again.