Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Truth about Happiness

It’s a rainy night – cold and wet – with autumn leaves tumbling from the sky. Fewer people walk the streets now, preferring the comfort and warmth of their homes. I too sit indoors, curled up on my couch as darkness falls.

I just spent a few hours with a dear friend, someone who can see into my soul and who offers words of wisdom which come from both insight and years of experience. In his eyes I see my best self reflected – strong and independent, yet thoughtful and considerate of others. I feel we have shared our concerns as well as communicated our high regard for each other. Our exchange satisfies me in a way that superficial conversation never can.

Some of us expect to find happiness by amassing “things” – whether the latest iPod or a new car. Yet the pleasure in acquiring things is fleeting at best. We become restless after awhile and then hunger for something else. By trying to impress others with what we have, we are really trying to impress ourselves.

To be happy I need to feel good about myself. To do this, I can take actions such as helping someone else or meeting a challenge. Both raise my self-esteem. I can also appreciate the give-and-take of a relationship. We all need to be understood and to express the love we hold inside. I find this is often what brings the greatest joy.

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