Sunday, February 3, 2013

Capturing the Sun

On a recent trip to Florida, I fell in love with the spectacular sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. No two were ever alike. Sometimes the sky was completely orange, other times layered with pink, yellow and red.

I came home with over a dozen photos and enlarged a few so that I could frame them and enjoy these sunsets all year round on my wall.

Appreciating beauty is said to put us on the same emotional wavelength as love - and admiring Nature makes it easy for us to stay in harmony and peace. We live on an incredibly beautiful planet.

I hope you take a few moments every day to observe your surroundings and find something to admire. This will bring you into the present moment (instead of staying in your thoughts) and raise your happiness quotient. I recommend it!

1 comment: said...

What a lovely sunset. Thanks for posting the photo and reminding me of how beautiful our planet is.