Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Finding the Magic

Perception is everything. So often we pass the same landmarks as we drive to work, shopping or elsewhere on familiar routes, and pay no attention to what’s around us. We’ve seen it all too many times before.

That’s why many of us love to travel. In a different place we naturally focus on our surroundings with fresh eyes. We allow ourselves to be seduced in the moment, enjoying the caress of the breeze on our skin, the roar of the surf in our ears, and the visual stimulation of buildings we never saw before.

On a recent trip to Florida, I wandered the streets of Pass-a-Grille, a residential beach area on the Gulf. I came across these unusual hangings in a yard decorated for Christmas.

It was magical!

I also discovered a wooden wishing well that looked like it had emerged from the pages of a fairytale. I had to hold myself back from stepping on private property to toss in a few coins for good luck.

In Gulfport’s waterfront district, the rows of quaint shops immediately drew my attention – their outer walls ranging from deep orange to lime green to yellow.

How delightful!

My challenge now is to view my surroundings back home with the same sense of wonder. To appreciate the uniqueness even in a harsh Canadian winter.

Today I admire the way the ice glistens on my windowpane, leaving patterns as distinctive as the snowflakes that tumble from the sky.

There IS beauty everywhere – it’s just a matter of perception.


Caroline said...

So true Thelma. Thank you for reminding me. Beauty is all around us, every day, in every moment.
Happy New Year!

Carol Balawyder said...

It's great to be a tourist in your own city. One good way is to carry a camera and take photos of a certain district in the city. Having a camera forces you to look and really see.
We are so often on automatic pilot rushing to get from A to C without noticing B. The process is part of the beauty. Not only in what we see but in all our senses.
Smell the wood burning, hear the crunch of your boot on the snow, touch the wool that keeps your neck free from the cold wind and taste an apple on a cold winter day.
But there is also our sense of feeling. How do we feel about where we are at this moment? What were are doing? How present are we?

Thelma Mariano said...

Carol, I couldn't agree more. It's about being present NOW and feeling it. Too many times people rush through their days and never feel the moment. Savor it. In the end, it's all we've got!